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The history of labor and the events surrounding the famous Chicago Haymarket Riot in on May 4th of 1886, where a bomb explosion killed several police officers, and resulted in the trial and hanging of four presumably innocent labor activits, is examined in this three part mini-series written and directed by award winning documentary filmmaker A.I. Wright. Featuring well known historians, theorists, this docu series presents breathes a whole new life into the Haymarket Riot, it's impact, the politics behind it, and the history that leads up and follows one of the most importat events in American industirla and labor history.

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Eposodic Structure

Based on the successful model of “The Fourth Partition” each episode is brought to life by personal stories and experienced historians who take the viewer on a journey from start to finish, and provide a satisfactory ending, while still leaving a little to long for by presenting compelling images and the beginning of the next story from the next episode.

Part I - The Modern Factory

At the location of the bombing, historian Timothy Kruse goes over the actual bombing step by step as it happened on that evening, while the history of the modern factory system is presented along with the social and political divisions it created. 

Part II - The Wage Slave

The plight of the factory worker is examined, as tensions build up and resistance builds up to the night of the bombing, while the history of the Union and it's connection to the Haymarket Riot are analyzed.  

Part III - The Judgement

The aftermath of the Bombing and the trials of the 8 Anarchists are examined, along with evidence, motives, and the lastiig impact the Haymarket had on the labor relations then and now.

About The Filmmakers

A.I. Wright is a 5 time award-winning documentary filmmaker who‘s historical documentaries have been features on PBS, Discovery, and other TV stations in over 30 countries and millions of viewers.  Adrian’s commercial cinematography is mostly concentrated on automotive and action cinematography including directing and managing a documentary team for the Alex Job Porsche 936GT, and the Scuderia Corsa Ferrari 488GT team in the IMSA Sports Car Championship Series.  To date he’s been a part of three Super Bowl productions, directing one of them in 2017. 

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